December Recap in Numbers and Thoughts

Happy 2014 everyone! The close of 2013 brings a time to reflect on the past year.

A few numbers to sum up December and the past year:

  • As of December 31st, there are 359 Sharitive users who raised $65 in December. The grand total raised in 2013 was $1,105.
  • December set a donation record with $149 going to our nonprofit partners. In 2013 $649 (59% of funds raised), including matched donations, have been donated to our nonprofit partners by our partner, Crema Cafe.

Donation by Nonprofit Partner_December

Don’t miss the two latest  installments of our ‘Meet The Partner‘ series up on Vimeo. One focuses on Cambridge School Volunteers and their programming throughout the Cambridge public school system. The other features the student run shelter, Harvard Square Homeless Shelter.

Looking back on 2013, Sharitive has had an incredible pilot. We’ve accomplished a proof of concept, raised over $1,000 in $1 increments, generated conversations around supporting and giving local, and held two fantastic community events at Crema Cafe. The pilot also helped Sharitive uncover some inherent flaws with its program and technology – of course, that’s what pilots are for!

In order to best address the learnings we’ve gathered during the course of the pilot, we have made the decision to take a temporary hiatus from operations at Crema Cafe at the end of this month (January). While this is a difficult decision to make, the time away from in-store operations will allow Sharitive to break down some of the inherent questions we have about our model and value propositions, and to rebuild the solutions with more freedom and flexibility. We are confident that this course of action will position Sharitive 2.0 to be the social good and community engagement creator we’ve always envisioned and aspired to.

Thanks to all our users, Crema Cafe, and our nonprofit partners, for an amazing 2013. We are so grateful for the successes of the pilot. We are excited to continue Sharitive’s development away from operations (just temporarily), and to relaunch a better version of Sharitive in the near future.

Stay tuned!

The Sharitive Team

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